Grails Auto Complete

Yesterday i finished my script for command completion on grails. It’s quite complete right now (not perfect, but almost complete).
I thought it would be more difficult to do it, but thanks to tutorials (here and here) and the other script for completion, it was quite easy.

The whole script (along with the installation and how-to-use-it can be found here:

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2 Responses to Grails Auto Complete

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Fernando,

    I adapted your script slightly to work with plugin provided scripts in Grails version >= 1.1. Also I took the grails version from GRAILS_HOME, as your script was looking for the latest installed version (were latest meant highest order alphabetically, which does not necessarily correspond to the ‘real’ highest version…).

    I tested it with Grails 1.2 and on OSX Snow Leopard.

    My version is available here:



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