Developing The New Herd

As you may, or may not know, for the last week, i’ve being trying to develop a new version for The Herd – the Ubiquity command aggregator.

I took this decision because the actual version does not work at all – mainly because we’re having too much problems with CouchDB (not that it’s a bad database, but our installation is behaving quite strangely).

The Herd today, is developed on top of Django – and after talking to Atul about this, i decided to drop Django entirely and use

My main reasons are:

1. Django is a full stack framework that makes you use their templates+their apis+lot’s of things – and for Herd, we wanted to do something like a REST-server with a html+css+js frontend
2. Django doesn’t have a good integration with schema-less databases (we *need* it for herd)

It uses, MongoDB (it’s a great schema-less database) and simplejson for the server and plain html+css+jquery for the front-end (that i really need to improve).

It’s been 9 days now, and the new version is quite usable – it already fetches/parsers the feeds.
You can login (using openid) and comment on feeds (voting is almost complete too).

I hope i can “finish” it by the end of the week so i can really focus on the ui. (i will need some help on that).

Some screenshots:
The New Herd

The New Herd

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